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Memo to self

I'm cutting off fandom.

Post adcal stuff on the 25th, post martian hols stuff on the 27th, and then that's it for at least a year, if not until summer 2017. Decide on that later.

No more tumblr, no more LJ. No more active online fandom things.

I'll focus.

I'll do a proper entry on all of this on Saturday, I think. Definitely before Sunday.
lom - determined sam

Quick note on commenting

I've been pretty bad with comments lately and I'm so sorryyyyy for that but I just... I've started blocking myself off Tumblr, LJ etc during the day, and I have my attentions elsewhere at the moment, so if I lag behind with comments, that's why. I'll definitely go back at some point though and go through everything I end up missing. <3


I have to leave for work in half an hour and I'm just


I'm art blocked with a godamned skyscraper blocking my creative output, and all the worrying about whether I'll get all the pieces prepared well enough for the next few weeks/months really really isn't helping

can I please just stop time for a bit and curl up in bed and recover and gather some strength

I'm so shite at dealing with stress/busy times Goddddddddd
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